Frequently asked questions

Buying a domain

How do I get the domain after the purchase?

Once you purchase the domain, we will push it into an account for you at our registrar, with your account details. In most cases access to the domain will be available within one to two hours of purchase, however access to domains purchased after business hours will be available within the next business day.

What comes with the domain name?

One year of free Whois privacy protection is included with domains purchased at, look for the Whois opt-in during checkout. Also, the first year of domain registration is included with domains purchased at Namewali.

Do I also get the other domain extensions when I purchase a domain from

No. Your purchase is strictly for the domain purchased from If you are looking for the other gTLDs of the domain name, you will need to buy those domains separately.

When is a sale considered final?

All sales are subject to the final approval of, and we reserve the right to deny fulfillment of any order at any time and for any reason. In the event that NameWali decides to stop fulfillment of an order and payment has already been rendered by the buyer, we will issue a complete refund immediately.

Only once the domain name has been transferred into the buyer’s name and the buyer has received possession of the domain will a sale be considered final.

Do I get access to my domains immediately after purchase?

In most cases access to the domain(s) will be available within one or two hours of purchase. Domains purchased after business hours will be available the next business day.

How does NameWali protect my shopping experience?

At, your online safety and security is our top priority. We understand the importance of protecting your personal information.

We value our relationship with you and want you to shop confidently with us, knowing that your information is secure.

We protect your information through SSL encryption technology, providing the safest, most secure shopping experience possible.

Transfer questions

Can I transfer my domain to another registrar after I buy it?

You can transfer your domain to any registrar or hosting company after purchase.

Once you’ve purchased the domain, you will receive an email from, the domain’s current registrar.

Since domain transfers are a manual process, it can take up to 5 days to transfer the domain.

* Note that domains purchased with payment plans are not eligible to transfer until all payments have been made.

** Please remember that our 30-day money back guarantee is void once a domain has been transferred.

How do domain name transfers work?

Domain transfers are fairly a straightforward process of changing the domain from one registrar to another.

To begin, go to the domain’s current registrar. Unlock the domain and obtain an Authorization Code. Then, go to the new registrar and initiate a transfer. Follow the steps provided by the new registrar.

For more information about domain transfers, click here.

How do I transfer my domain to GoDaddy?

After purchasing a domain from Namewali, you’ll need to prepare your domain before initiating the transfer.

For detailed steps on how to transfer a domain to GoDaddy, please click here.

Payment questions

Can I make an offer on the domain?

We do negotiate on our domains. If you would like to make an offer on the domain, please send an email to , use our contact us page, or call us at 945-945-8000

Namewali will always consider your offer; however, our pricing may or may not be negotiable depending upon the domain. The value of a domain is based on a number of factors including, but not limited to comparable sales, the length of the domain, and popularity of the domain keywords.

Domain ownership

How long will I own my domain?

Once purchased, you will have full control of and exclusive registration rights to the domain.

All domain names must be re-registered every year for INR. 1000 and up per year, paid to your registrar. As long as you maintain your registration every year, you will maintain ownership of the domain for as long as you want to own it.

How do I keep my personal information private? / What is Whois Privacy Protection?

If you wish the domain ownership information to be private, add WhoIs Privacy Protection to your domain. This hides your personal information from the general public.

To add privacy protection to your domain, do so within your registrar account.

Whois information is not updated immediately. It typically takes several hours for Whois data to update, and different registrars are faster than others. Usually your Whois information will be fully updated within two days.

Yearly Registration Fees

As a part of buying any domain name you will have to pay yearly registration fees. These fees depend on the registrar you decide to keep your domain with, but typically run anywhere from INR. 850 to 1300 per year. IF YOU FAIL to pay these yearly registration/renewal costs to your domain registrar, your domain will expire and you will no longer have ownership rights to the domain name.

Domains 101

How do domain names work?

Domain names are the familiar names of URLs, or unique identifiers, on the Internet.

Domain names function in a manner similar to a physical address in the physical world: Domain names identify IP addresses. Just as you would address a letter to send in the mail, the IP address tells computers where websites are located on a network.

Domain names are assigned by ICANN, The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. ICANN is the accrediting regulatory agency that governs the use of domain names. ICANN’s primary mission is to make sure that every domain has a URL, and that each domain has a unique IP address.

Domain names need to be renewed yearly by their owner (registrant). This registration fee is paid to a registrar, such as, who acts as the middleman between domain owners and ICANN.

When registration fees are not paid, registrars must comply with ICANN rules and attempt to notify the registrant. If the registrant does not respond to notifications, the domain name goes through an expiration process, whereupon ICANN releases the domain to the open market.

What’s the difference between domain names, websites, and web hosting?

It’s easy to think a domain name and a website are the same. While they are related, they are very different things.

• A domain name is like the address of your home. It just tells people where to go to find you.
• Websites are the code and content that you provide.
• A web host is a service that provides technology, allowing your website to be seen on the Internet.

What’s the difference between a registrar, registry and registrant?

• A domain registrar is an ICANN accredited organization that sells and manages domain names.
• The domain name registry is a database of all domain names and the associated registrant information within each TLD.
• A domain name registrant is the person or organization who has registered a domain name.

What’s a TLD? / What’s a gTLD?

TLD stands for Top-Level Domain, which is the part of the domain name located to the right of the dot.

gTLD stands for Generic Top Level Domain. gTLDs are one of the categories of top-level domains (TLDs).

What’s a URL?

Uniform Resource Locator is the address of a web page – consisting of the protocol (such as https), followed by the domain name and TLD, and specific links to pages.

For example:


Do you own your domains or are you selling them for someone else? owns all of the domains we sell. We don’t broker domains for individuals or companies.